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X.png The subject of this article has been removed from the game in an update.
Size Large
Day/Night Cycle ~13 Minutes

Arid is one of the Planets in Astroneer. Arid planets also boast a unique weather pattern where Tumblespikes fly around intermittently. Arid was the major source of Lithium and Titanium deposits before updates, so if you're searching for those resources it's better going on planets like Radiated, Exotic or the moon Barren. Thus, newer players should opt in for visiting other planets like Barren instead as it has more prospects; Cranes are hard to manage on Arid. It is actually, however, rather hospitable, as Tumblespikes can easily be destroyed and provide an easy source of organic. Storms are also rather uncommon due to Arid’s size. You should, however, have an Inhibitor Mod to destroy Tumblespikes without modifying the Terrain. You may want to set up a base on it after setting one up on Barren, which should be in turn your second base (after Terran, of course).

The average time it takes to complete a day/night cycle is approximately 13 minutes.

It is crucial to bring resources such as Compound and Resin to Arid as they are rare on the planet. Failure to do so can cause you to be stranded on the planet, until you can obtain them. Bringing a Trade Platform is strongly advised to obtain resources that are not naturally generated on the planet. Mining Tumblespikes have a chance to give 1 stack of Organic.

WARNING: NEVER journey to Arid without required resources, or you may find yourself helplessly stranded on this desolate planet with a slim chance of returning to your home base. Most importantly, always bring enough Hydrazine to return to Terran.

The pockmarked Terrain results in high elevation changes, rendering Rovers difficult to use. As a result, many players may opt out of traveling to Arid and instead head to Radiated because of it's comparably gentler terrain.


  • Common
    • Laterite - This is commonly found on the surface of Arid and in caves.
  • Uncommon
    • Malachite - Easily found in the "red sands," Arid's equivalent of green earth.
    • Ammonium - Can be found on the ceiling of the "red sands."
    • Organic - Found on the surface in certain biomes.
  • Rare
    • Hematite - This is often found in caves.
    • Compound - This is often found in caves that are not in the "red sands."
    • Resin - This is found by going to the top of the "red sands" and exploring the small caves that end in dead-ends often.
    • Sphalerite
  • Unavailable
  • Atmospheric


Main article: Biome

Arid Expanse[]

This is the most commonly generated biome on Arid. Tumblespikes commonly spawn off-screen, rolling into range and easily overwhelming under-prepared Astroneers. Other plantlife is rare.

High Rocks[]

Also known as the "Arid Fortress", this biome is a tall fortress-shaped formation of Terrain consisting of mesas. Arid usually spawns with 2-4 of these formations. The tabletops of the mountains make a great place to set up bases, as the high elevation provides relief from the onslaught of Tumblespikes in the expanses below. Resources aren't as common here, however, so frequent trips down the mesas are helpful. Take note: Tumblespikes can rarely make it up to the tabletops, so the area isn't completely safe from hostile life.

Red Sands[]

The underground layer of Arid, where resources appear quite rarely. Areas around this biome are extremely foggy and dark. Hostile plants spawn throughout, but due to the fact that Tumblespikes do not spawn underground, it is recommended for new players to start their bases here, making trips to the expanses to mine for valuable resources.