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Astronium Astronium
Nugget Astronium.png
Tier Small
Group Resource
Type Natural
Byte Value 500 Bytes
Bytes per Minute 200

Astronium is a rare resource in Astroneer. Astronium appears as iridescent clusters, fading from green in the center to fuchsia on the edge.


Astronium can be found in the outer core layers of all planets.

During the F.A.R.M update it can also be found inside purple spookysquash.


Astronium can be used in the Trade Platform to obtain various items.

Item Astronium:Item ratio
EXO Chip 3:1
Packager 1:4
Solid-Fuel Jump Jet 1:2
Dynamite 3:4
Hydrazine 3:4

Astronium can be researched for 500 bytes over 2.5 minutes, or 200 Bpm per nugget, but currently has no use in crafting.

In the EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol event, the player can send Astronium through the EXO Request Platform after finishing the main milestones and will receive a care package every 80 Astronium sent.

In the Project CHEER Delivery LTE, the player could craft Cosmic Baubles in a Small Printer by combining Astronium and Scrap.

Astronium can be used to open EXO Dynamics Research Aids. The reward for opening one is a QT-RTG.


  • Before Patch 1.0, Astronium deposits were a bright fuchsia, before being changed to their current gradient appearance, but the nuggets remained fuchsia. The nuggets' color were also once green before being later changed to purple and eventually, in Patch 1.0.15, changed to the gradient color we see now.
  • Astronium used to be found in small quantities on the surface of Radiated, and was easiest to find on Radiated for this reason. After Patch 1.0, Astronium was only found in the outer cores of each planet.