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Auto Arm Auto Arm
Auto Arm.png
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Automation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe Aluminum
Unlock Cost 1,500 Bytes

The Auto Arm is an automation item in Astroneer. It allows players to automate the movement of items around their bases, with the ability to transfer Tier 1 items from one slot to another.


Output Input Module
Auto Arm Aluminum
Small Printer


The Auto Arm allows players to automate moving and storage of items, working well with Medium and Large Resource Canisters.

  • In order to function, the Auto Arm must be placed on a Tier 2 slot supplied with power. Once powered, the arm can be toggled on and off either manually or using a sensor/repeater.
  • The Arm's input/output areas can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the arm.
    • The Input area is marked by a green circle.
    • The Output area is marked by a blue circle.
  • When turned on, the arm will:
  1. Search for items in its Input area,
  2. Pick up items in its Input area,
  3. Rotate around 180 degrees,
  4. Search for an open slot in the Output area,
  5. Place the item in the open slot, then repeating the procedure.
  • If no empty slot is available, the arm will hold the item until a slot frees up.
  • The slot in the center of the Arm is the filter slot. If an item is placed in this slot, the Auto Arm will only pick up that item type.
  • The Auto Arm will consume power at all times, even when idle.
  • Power Consumption Rate: 1 U/s


  • The Auto Arm can pick up most, if not all, Tier 1 items (with very few exceptions). Some interesting things the Arm can pick up include:
  • The Auto Arm can pick and place from/to nearly all tier 1 slots. There are only a few exceptions to this functionality:
    • The arm does not pull items from the Astroneer's backpack
    • The arm does not pull items directly from other arms or from an arm's filter slot
    • The arm cannot place items into another arm's filter slot
    • The arm cannot place items directly into a printer's slots
    • The arm will place items on the player's backpack and Terrain Tool
  • The Auto Arm can extend upwards to reach high-up slots, but this upwards range is not infinite.
  • Some Tier 1 items cannot be filtered.


  • The Auto Arm was shown off on many SES Dev Twitch streams.