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Icon Backpack Printer.png Backpack Printer Plinth
Backpack Printer Plinth.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Creative

The Backpack Printer Plinth is a creative item in Astroneer.


The Backpack Printer Plinth is acquired in the Creative Mode Research Catalog, and cannot be acquired in non-creative games.


The Backpack Printer Plinth can be used to spawn the following items in Creative Mode:

Item Item
Icon Tether.png Tether Bundle Icon Oxygen Tank.png Oxygen Filters
Icon Canister.png Small Canister Icon Generator.png Small Generator
Icon Beacon.png Beacon Icon Worklight.png Worklight
Icon Oxygen Tank.png Oxygen Tank Icon Oxygenator.png Portable Oxygenator
Icon Power Cells.png Power Cells Icon Solar.png Small Solar Panel
Icon Wind Turbine.png Small Wind Turbine Icon Battery.png Small Battery
Icon Extenders.png Extenders Icon Augment.png Boost Mod
Icon Augment.png Wide Mod Icon Augment.png Narrow Mod
Icon Augment.png Inhibitor Mod Icon Augment.png Alignment Mod
Icon Augment.png Terrain Analyzer Icon Augment.png Drill Mod 1
Icon Augment.png Drill Mod 2 Icon Augment.png Drill Mod 3
Icon Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Jump Jet Icon Thruster.png Hydrazine Jet Pack
Icon Dynamite.png Dynamite Icon Fireworks.png Fireworks
Icon Worklight.png Floodlight Icon Worklight.png Glowsticks
Icon Probe Scanner.png Probe Scanner Icon Packager.png Packager
Icon Figurine.png Holographic Figurine Icon Small Camera.png Small Camera
Icon Horn.png Small Trumpet Horn Icon Tier Medium.png Small Printer
Icon Terrain Anchor.png Terrain Anchor Icon Leveling Block.png Leveling Block


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