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Batteries are a power item in Astroneer that store power. Batteries will fill when there is a surplus of energy and will drain when power production is low or has stopped.

Batteries have their own input and output speed limits depending on their size; Small Batteries can absorb or release power at 1U/s, which for reference is approximately one bar on a Small Battery every four seconds. Medium Batteries behave like five Small Batteries, at 5U/s, and store and release energy five times as quickly.

Backpack Battery[]

See also: Backpack

The Backpack Battery is a built-in battery which allows the player to use various items on the backpack, as well as utilize the Backpack Printer. When tethered to a base, the backpack battery takes priority over other items until it is fully charged.

Small Battery[]

See also: Small Battery

Small Batteries are Small items that can plug into any slot. They store up to 32 Units of power.

When placed in the backpack, it increases the total energy storage available for Terrain Tool augments and printing.

Medium Battery[]

See also: Medium Battery

Medium Batteries are Medium items that can fit into any Tier-2 slot. They store up to 512 Units of power.