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Canisters are containers that hold various items.

Small Canister[]

Empty Canister.jpg

Small Canisters are crafted in the Backpack and allow for easy manipulation of terrain. These are also used to fill Soil Centrifuges directly.

Medium Fluid & Soil Canister[]

Medium Canister.jpg

Medium Fluid & Soil Canisters are crafted in the Small Printer and allows for greater storage of Soil and Hydrazine, up to 24 times the amount that a Small Canister can hold. Small Canisters can both deposit and withdraw soil from the Medium Fluid & Soil Canister, allowing for some automation of filling a Soil Centrifuge. These also pair well with Pavers and Drills to quickly gather soil and pave pathways.

Medium Resource Canister[]

Medium Resource Canister.png

Medium Resource Canisters are crafted in the Small Printer and allows players to store one kind of Resource at a time, holding 32 nuggets (8 more nuggets than a Medium Storage Silo). They are useful when used with other Automation items.

Medium Gas Canister[]

Medium Gas Canister.png

Medium Gas Canisters are crafted in the Small Printer and allows players to store more of one gas than other storage items allow, can hold up to 32 full canisters or 160 units of a single Atmospheric Resource. They cannot hold other types of resources, including Hydrazine, as it is a liquid.

Large Resource Canister[]

Large Resource Canister.png

Large Resource Canisters are crafted in the Medium Printer and allows players to store the maximum amount of resources possible, at 400. This is 16 greater than a Large Storage Silo B holding 12 Medium Resource Canisters. When paired with other Automation items, they can allow players to craft a great amount of items without needing to interact with modules.

Other Canisters[]

Items such as Atmospheric Resources and Hydrazine come in their own versions of canisters, which disappear once the resource inside is used up.