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These guides exist to assist players and act as a reference on how objects are categorized

By Function[]


  • Basic: Placeholder type for modules with an undefined or general category
  • Power: Generates and/or stores power
  • Storage: Stores and keeps item and other modules
  • Fabricator: Crafts other object and/or modules using resources
  • Production: Specify in the generation and/or the collection of a resource
  • Refinery: Transform a resource into another resource
  • Economy: Relates to trading a certain object for another
  • Vehicle Modification: Only function optimally when placed on a vehicle


  • Land: Grounded vehicles such as Rovers
  • Spacecraft: Vehicles that can travel between planets such as Spaceships


  • Raw: Can be refined in the smelter to create usable materials
  • Crafting: Used mainly as crafting ingredients
  • Fuel: Non-Crafting; used to power up other objects
  • Liquid: Requires a Canister in order to be contained

By Usage[]

  • Module: Any functional objects that can be attached and detached to connection points
    • Buildings: Specifically a Tier-3 Module fabricated in place to a Large Platform or a Vehicle
    • Widgets: Specifically a Tier-1 Module that can function within the backpack's utility slots
  • Deployable: Object that does not require itself to be attached to an attachment point to function, such as Tether or Beacon.
  • Tools: Functions only when held by the player or paired to other modules, such as the Crane

By Allocation[]

see Tiers and Attachment Slot