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Astroneer comes with variations of collectible objects, most of them come as one of the Research Items, while some come as rare objects. This page will have the least amount of spoilers possible. For more information, a link has been provided to each individual object.

Research Items[]

There are about 93 known research items that are currently in-game.

Rare Objects[]

There are 15 known rare objects that are currently in-game.

  • 5 differently patterned Liminal Recondite Devices.
  • 6 different chess pieces (Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, King, and Queen) that come in two different variants, Jasper and Lapis.
  • 3 different variations of Horns that can only be found by exploring and finding them on broken backpacks and rover wrecks.

Terrain Colors[]

Although the full number of colors in this game are not known, endearing collectors may still try to collect as many different analyzer colors as possible.