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Debris Bundle Debris Bundle
Debris Bundle.jpg
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Salvage

The Debris Bundle is a salvage item in Astroneer. It allows the player to pick up Small Debris items and bundle them up for easier transport.

Source[edit | edit source]

A Debris Bundle is created every time a player picks up a piece of Small Debris and can hold up to 5 pieces of Debris per bundle. Once one bundle is full, a new one will be created.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Debris Bundles can be used like other pieces of Debris, as they can be shredded into Scrap, giving the amount of Debris comparable to how many pieces of Debris were added to the bundle. For example, a bundle of one piece of Debris will give 5 cones, or one tenth of a Scrap nugget, while a full bundle of 5 pieces of Debris will give 25 cones, or one half of a nugget.

Number of Debris Cones of Scrap Percent of Scrap Nugget
1 5 10%
2 10 20%
3 15 30%
4 20 40%
5 25 50%

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