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Delay Repeater Delay Repeater
Delay Repeater.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Automation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe Zinc
Unlock Cost 1000 Bytes

The Delay Repeater is an Automation item in Astroneer. When activated by Sensors or Button Repeater, also activates any connected modules after a specified delay.


Output Input Module
Delay Repeater Zinc Small Printer


The Delay Repeater is used to delay activation signal after being triggered using Sensors or Button Repeater. It can be placed in any slot, or can be placed on the ground. Player can set a delay from 1 to 25. Setting the delay to 1 will cause connected modules to be activated almost instantly (0.133s), while setting delay to 25 will activate connected modules after 3.333s.

The Delay Repeater can be activated multiple ways, including:

The yellow spike at the top of the button is the Target Pin. Clicking the spike will allow the player to plant the Pin on an acceptable module (much like the Winch), as well as letting them create a branch point. Up to 12 Pins and branch points can be created from a single Delay Repeater.

  • While the small branch point spikes can be used to create a new Target Pin, the spikes themselves cannot be used to trigger modules.
  • Creating a new Target Pin from a branch point will count as one of the button's 12 available spikes.
  • After activating, the delay repeater will activate or toggle the state of all connected modules, which also causes the Button and Wires to flash green. The list of toggleable modules and their behaviors can be found in the next section.
  • While the delay repeater can be placed on and activated by the Backpack's two auxiliary slots, one cannot create a Target Pin from a button attached to any backpack slot.
  • Anchoring a Target Pin to a platform will allow the button to toggle all items on that platform.
  • Similarly, anchoring a Target Pin to any non-canister storage will allow all items on that storage to be toggled at once.

List of Activatable Items[]

The following items can be activated with a Delay Repeater/Button Repeater/Sensor:

Additionally, the following items can activate the Delay Repeater: