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Drill Strength 1 Drill Strength 1
Drill Strength 1.jpg
Tier Medium
Group Vehicle Mod
Type Tools
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x Ceramic
1x Tungsten Carbide
Unlock Cost 2,500 Bytes

The Drill Strength 1 is an attachment for the Tractor, Medium Rover, Large Rover or Crane. Once attached it can be used to drill out soil, and can break through harder soils than the Terrain Tool allows, but may struggle with even tougher soils.


Output Input Module
Drill Strength 1 Ceramic
Tungsten Carbide
Small Printer


When the Drill Strength 1 is attached to the front of a Rover it can be powered and used as a quick and easy way to tunnel through soil. Pressing the context keys (C or V on PC/Xbox One - Left Bumper or Xbox One - Right Bumper on Xbox) will toggle the drill on and off, depending on which side of the rover it is placed. Pressing either context key in the Tractor will turn the drill on or off, as it only has a single attachment slot on the front. If two drills or a drill and a Paver are placed on one side of a Large Rover, the context key will activate both at once. Tilting the camera angle controls the tilt of the tractor and drill, allowing tunneling upwards or downwards.

The size of holes dug with the drill changes with each vehicle, allowing for larger or smaller tunnels.

Attaching the Drill to a Crane allows the player to sit in the crane and easily dig out large holes.

Due to the drill's high digging speed, it is recommended to disable the drill when falling into an open cavern to avoid digging too deep into the ground.


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