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Dynamite Dynamite
Dynamite T.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Explosive
Crafted at Backpack or Small Printer
Recipe 1x Explosive Powder
Unlock Cost 3,750 Bytes

Dynamite is an explosive item in Astroneer that can be used to destroy items and create holes in the terrain.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Dynamite Explosive Powder Backpack

Dynamite can sometimes be found on the backpacks of dead explorers or other wreckage.

Use[edit | edit source]

When placed, the Dynamite will do nothing, but hovering the cursor over it and pressing F on PC , or X on console will play a series of beeps before the dynamite explodes. The explosion is fatal to players within the explosion radius.

  • Destroys any modules, platforms, trees, and other game objects the dynamite attaches to, with the exception of Shelters.
  • Only one object can be destroyed with one piece of dynamite.
  • Terrain in a small sphere around the explosion site will be destroyed instantly.
  • Resources within the blast radius will be harvested.
  • Putting Dynamite into a shredder will cause it to explode, destroying the shredder.
  • Dynamite, hydrogen, methane, sulfur and hydrazine can chain explosions to one another. These explosions get larger and larger as more explosives are added.

The primary practical use of Dynamite is to reduce various wreckage objects into smaller Debris, which then can be collected and processed into tradeable Scrap using the Shredder modules. This is especially useful when finding Detritus (wrecked modules of Extra-Large tier) and other massive objects that cannot be moved or used for any purpose, but represent a high scrap value.

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