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The EXO Cares Initiative is a Limited Time Event in Astroneer. It was added with the Missions, Power, and Compass Update, and is accessible through the EXO Request Platform. It is running from March 31, 2021 to May 31, 2021, with the main objective of the initiative to clean up the planets in exchange for exclusive rewards. It is a return of the EXO Salvage Initiative event, offering players the chance to unlock the previous year's cosmetics, as well as new cosmetics.

Recovery Points[edit | edit source]

Recovery Points are the basic currency gained when turning in items for in-game events through the EXO Request Platform. For the Cares Initiative, the following table lists the point value of each item available to be turned in.

Salvage Size Points Value
Debris Bundle 5 Recovery Points per Debris (25 for full bundle)
Scrap 50 Recovery Points
Small Debris Pack 100 Recovery Points
Medium Debris Pack 300 Recovery Points

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Cares Initiative rewards both Care Packages and cosmetics, with Care Packages being minor milestones marked by arrows and cosmetics being major milestones marked with a line on the display. Care Package rewards started at 500 Recovery Points, given at specific increments until the player hits 8,000, then given every 2,000 points.

Cosmetic Reward Type Points To Unlock
Salvage Throwback
  • 4-ML A-Tyre Hat
  • Turret-A-Porter Mask
  • Salvage Chic Palette
Bundle 1,500 Recovery Points
Wired Hat 5,000 Recovery Points
Going Green Palette 8,000 Recovery Points

Media[edit | edit source]