EXO Dynamics Research Aid

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EXO Dynamics Research Aid EXO Dynamics Research Aid
EXO Dynamics Research Aid.jpg
Tier Large
Group Unit
Type Field Research

EXO Dynamics Research Aids are field research units, found on every planet, that open after certain criteria are met. The icon shown on the sides of the container tells the player what is needed to open it. Opening a research aid awards the achievement Thank You For Your Continued Assistance.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

The criteria to open a Research Aid is shown as an icon on the sides of the container. Research Aids marked with power symbols need a specific number of Units for power bars to be filled, either sustained for about 30 seconds to fill the power bars or a total amount of power needed at once. Research Aids marked with resource symbols require the proper resource to be placed in the slot. This resource can be any raw, refined, composite or a full atmospheric resource. The resource required per planet varies by layer, with harder to obtain resources being required deeper down the planet.

The reward for opening a container is either a Research Item or a Research Sample, worth a large chunk of bytes.

Resources Per Planet[edit | edit source]

The following table lists the resources needed per planet, and which layers they are required for.

Planet Surface-Mantle Resource Mantle Resource Outer Core Resource
Icon Sylva.png Sylva Laterite Glass Nitrogen
Icon Desolo.png Desolo Sphalerite Ceramic Aluminum Alloy
Icon Calidor.png Calidor Tungsten Plastic Sulfur
Icon Vesania.png Vesania Graphite Hydrogen Silicone
Icon Novus.png Novus Lithium Methane Steel
Icon Glacio.png Glacio Ammonium Argon Diamond
Icon Atrox.png Atrox Helium Graphene Nanocarbon Alloy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pre-1.0 Resource Drop Pods existed on the surface of Terran that would contain a couple of resources for the player. They were removed, and Research Aids took their place with similar functionality but giving research items instead.
  • When a player fulfills the requirements to open a Research Aid, the top of the capsule comes off. Then, it can be shredded in an Extra Large Shredder for 2 Scrap or packaged and sent into space during a Limited Time Event.
  • There is a chance that Research Aids require Astronium after Patch 1.19.134, that will contain QT-RTGs.

Media[edit | edit source]