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The EXO Salvage Initiative was the second community mission in Astroneer. It was added with the Salvage Initiative Update, and was accessible through the EXO Request Platform. It ran from April 14, 2020 to June 14, 2020, with the main objective of the initiative to clean up the planets in exchange for exclusive rewards.

Recovery Points[]

Recovery Points are the basic currency gained when turning in items for in-game events through the EXO Request Platform. For the Salvage Initiative, the following table lists the point value of each item available to be turned in.

Salvage Size Points Value
Debris Bundle 5 Recovery Points per Debris (25 for full bundle)
Small Debris Pack 50 Recovery Points
Medium Debris Pack 150 Recovery Points
"Misplaced" Cargo 250 Recovery Points


The Salvage Initiative rewarded both Care Packages and cosmetics, with Care Packages being minor milestones marked by arrows and cosmetics being major milestones marked with a line on the display. Care Package rewards started at 500 Recovery Points, given at random increments until the player hits 9,500, then given every 1,000 points.

Care Package Rewards Points To Unlock
Packager x4, Dynamite x2 500 Recovery Points
Technology Research Sample x2 2,500 Recovery Points
Small Battery x2, Beacon x1 3,750 Recovery Points
Technology Research Sample x2, Scrap x2 6,000 Recovery Points
Packager x4, Dynamite x2 7,000 Recovery Points
Tungsten Carbide x1, Silicone x1, Steel x1, Titanium Alloy x1, Solid-Fuel Jump Jet x2 9,500 Recovery Points
+ Every 1k Points After
Cosmetic Reward Type Points To Unlock
4ML A-Tyre Hat 1,500 Recovery Points
Turret-A-Porter Mask 5,000 Recovery Points
Salvage Chic Palette 8,000 Recovery Points


  • The rewards for Care Package levels at 9,500 and every 1k points used to give Packager x2, Beacon x1, Oxygen Filters x3, Solid-Fuel Jump Jet x2.
  • The final level of Care Package rewards allowed players to easily craft RTGs by gathering points after 9,500.