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Galastropods, or, more commonly, Space Snails, are fauna that may be found in Astroneer. Following a chain of Missions the player will unlock all seven snail friends, one for each planet. Each snail provides a different buff, that requires feeding various hazardous flora seeds to activate. Feeding the snail their favorite seed activates the buff for 30 minutes, or 10 minutes if fed any other seed. The ring on top of the terrarium will be blue while the buff is active, and red while active but in the wrong slot on Princess, Bestefar and Enoki's terrariums, as they require being in either the backpack or on the Terrain Tool.

Types of Galastropods[]

Terrarium Name Species Planet Buff Favorite Food
Sylvie.png Sylvie G. sylva Sylva Greatly illuminates an area Mutant Hissbine Seed
Usagi.png Usagi G. desolo Desolo While on the current planet, tracks the nearest valuable curiosities on the compass Mutant Hissbine Seed
Stilgar.png Stilgar G. calidor Calidor Passively produces oxygen that fills tanks and tether networks Mutant Spiny Attactus and Mutant Volatile Attactus Seeds
Princess.png Princess G. vesania Vesania While carried in the backpack, prevents all forms of damage aside from suffocation Mutant Noxious Cataplant and Mutant Volatile Cataplant Seeds
Rogal.png Rogal G. novus Novus Produces a significant amount of power Mutant Noxious Cataplant and Mutant Volatile Cataplant Seeds
Bestefar.png Bestefar G. glacio Glacio While attached to the Terrain Tool, improves its width, boost, and drilling ability Mutant Boomalloon Seed
Enoki.png Enoki G. atrox Atrox While carried in the backpack, increases jump height, sprint speed, and reduces movement penalty for carrying heavy items Mutant Noxious Spewflower and Mutant Elegant Spewflower Seeds

Galastropod Shells[]

Galastropod Shells can be found on every planet, with each planet having their unique shell type. They may be scanned to obtain Bytes, either directly or in a Research Chamber, or placed in a Shredder to obtain Scrap.


  • Galastropod is a portmanteau of galactic and gastropod.
  • Each Galastropod has a species, based on the planet they are found on, each in the genus of Galastropoda. This is based on real world snails being part of the Gastropoda genus.