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Hoverboard Hoverboard
Tier Small
Group Device
Type Personal Mobility
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe EXO Chip
Unlock Cost Unlocked via Missions

The Hoverboard is a personal mobility device in Astroneer that allows for faster travel than by simply running.


Output Input Module
Hoverboard EXO Chip Backpack

Players will obtain a free Hoverboard and its Schematic from completing a chain of Missions:


  • Power Consumption Rate: 1 U/s

The Hoverboard requires being placed in the backpack, and can be activated by simply double-tapping the jump button (default PC: Spacebar, Xbox: Xbox One - A, PS4: PS4 - Cross, Switch: Switch - A). It will activate from any slot, including those on the Terrain Tool, and can be activated with context keys when placed on the Widget slots.

While active, the Hoverboard will drain 1 Power per second, requiring the player to have a constant source of power, such as a QT-RTG.


  • Players will still take fall damage while on a Hoverboard, however using a Hydrazine Jet Pack or a Solid-Fuel Jump Jet can prevent the player from taking damage.
  • Using a Hoverboard with a Hydrazine Jet Pack or a Solid-Fuel Jump Jet is currently the fastest and safest way of traveling on foot.
  • The Hoverboard can be used while holding any object, and allows for movement at full speed regardless of the size of the object. This allows for rapid transport of even Tier 4 objects which normally prevent movement, without packaging and attaching to a rover. However, when an item is picked up into the backpack, the hoverboard disengages and must be opened again.
  • Using the hoverboard for 10 seconds straight will complete the "Hang Ten-Squared" achievement, which requires the player to slide for 10 seconds.