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Hydrazine Hydrazine
Nugget Hydrazine.png
Tier Small
Group Resource
Type Composite

Hydrazine is a composite resource in Astroneer. It is a purple liquid inside of a Canister, with a purple ring on top to indicate the amount of Hydrazine left. It is the only liquid in the game, and it is also the only composite resource that is not a solid.


Output Input Module
Hydrazine Ammonium x2
Chemistry Lab


Hydrazine is used to craft the following items:

Module Output Input
Chemistry Lab Graphene Hydrazine
  • Despite it appearing unlit in the Chemistry lab panel, a partially used canister can be used to make graphene.
  • Hydrazine can be used to fuel a spacecraft for travel using a Hydrazine Thruster. One canister is equal to 8 fuel units.
    • Takeoff costs 1 fuel unit.
    • Interplanetary travel costs 1 fuel unit.
    • Landing does not require fuel.
  • A canister of Hydrazine can fire a Hydrazine Thruster for 12.7 seconds when not on a spacecraft.
  • A canister of Hydrazine can fuel a single Hydrazine Jet Pack for 133 seconds in total.
  • A canister of Hydrazine can fuel a VTOL for 266 seconds in total. This is exactly twice the efficiency of a single Hydrazine Jet Pack.
  • Hydrazine explodes in a greater radius than Dynamite.
    • However, to detonate it you need either a nearby explosion or to put it in an active Smelting Furnace.


  • Hydrazine used to be stored in a Canister, and while it retains its old model it currently does not actually need a canister to be stored. A canister for it is generated when crafted in the Chemistry Lab, and will disappear when used to fuel a Hydrazine Thruster or craft Graphene in the Chemistry Lab.
  • Hydrazine is based on the real-life inorganic (i.e. not carbon-based) compound N2H4, which has historically been used as rocket fuel or as a component of rocket fuel[1].
  • When landing with a shuttle using a Hydrazine Thruster, explosive plants on Atrox may destroy your hydrazine (in backpack or attached to the thruster) and thus disabling further travelling.