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Hydrazine Jet Pack Hydrazine Jet Pack
Hydrazine Jet Pack.jpg
Tier Small
Group Device
Type Personal Mobility
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe Titanium Alloy
Unlock Cost 15,000 Bytes

The Hydrazine Jet Pack is a personal mobility device in Astroneer that allows for sustained flight, as long as the player has enough Hydrazine.


Output Input Module
Hydrazine Jet Pack Titanium Alloy Backpack


The Hydrazine Jet Pack is required to be in one of the two backpack widget slots to operate and can be activated individually at any time with context keys (for PC: C or V, Xbox: Xbox One - LB or Xbox One - RB, PS4: PS4 - L1 or PS4 - R1, Switch: Switch - L or Switch - R), or both by holding (PC: Spacebar, Xbox: Xbox One - A, PS4: PS4 - Cross, Switch: Switch - A) while jumping or in the air.

The Hydrazine Jet Pack only needs one to function and does not cause unstable flight even though it appears to provide asymmetric thrust. A second thruster will provide a boost of speed and thrust power.

The Hydrazine Jet Pack requires Hydrazine to function, which will attach to slots on the jet pack. Additional Hydrazine stored in spare backpack slots will automatically move into a spent Jet Pack's fuel slot, providing an uninterrupted flight. When the currently attached Hydrazine tank begins to run out, status lights on the Jet Pack will begin to blink. Also, if no replacement Hydrazine tanks are present in the backpack, the pitch of the thrust sound will begin to drop, warning the player of the danger of the potentially lethal drop.

Partially expended Hydrazine tanks cannot be removed from the jet packs and have to be vented completely in order to refuel them.


  • The max altitude the player can fly is the same height as the clouds.
  • Note that while in flight using Hydrazine Jet Packs, a player can still hold T2 items in their hands, including various storage modules to carry additional items and supply of Hydrazine, an active Winch attached to a larger object that cannot be moved in hands otherwise, or a hovered Large (T3) object, including packaged Extra-Large module and item crates. This allows the player to move a much larger amount and variety of items by flight, than a mere Astroneer's backpack would allow.
  • If Hydrazine is in a jet pack (or in a Hydrazine Thruster or VTOL), the jet pack can and will explode if it is in the blast radius of another explosion.
  • The jet pack is the item that requires the most bytes to unlock, with a whopping 15,000 bytes.