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Hydrazine Thruster Hydrazine Thruster
Tier Medium
Group Vehicle Mod
Type Module
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x EXO Chip
1x Steel
Unlock Cost 3,750 Bytes

The Hydrazine Thruster is a medium (Tier 2) attachment found in caves, spaceship wrecks, on the surface of a planet, or researched and crafted. Hydrazine Thrusters are powered by Hydrazine and can be used to propel vehicles, especially the Shuttles.


Output Input Module
Hydrazine Thruster EXO Chip
Small Printer


Hydrazine Thrusters Have a Tier 2 attachment on the "top" and can be attached to any vehicle, or object with a Tier 2 slot. Next to the thruster nozzle, there are three Tier 1 slots. Any Tier 1 item can be attached to the bottom slots, but only an attached Hydrazine canister containing Hydrazine will power the thruster. Up to three Hydrazine canisters can be attached.

The Hydrazine Thruster with a Hydrazine canister containing fuel can propel a wheeled vehicle when it is attached to the front or back Tier-2 slot. It is Toggle-able with the Use Key while not in the Rover Seat. When in the Rover Seat, it may be toggled on and off with the Context Left Key if attached to the back, or the Context Right Key if on the front. Thrusters at the back of a rover train cannot be toggled in this manner. Using Thrusters in this manner can greatly increase the movement speed and air time of your rovers. The fuel burns quickly and the speed can potentially lead to flipping the wheeled vehicle.

The Hydrazine Thruster's primary use is attached to the bottom of one of the Shuttles. One Hydrazine canister is enough fuel for 8 "burnings", either from surface to orbit or transit from planet to planet. Going from orbit to the planet surface does not require fuel.

Known issues[]

  • Attaching Hydrazine to a Thruster that is not attached to another object will result in it becoming a satellite that will stay in the sky forever.
  • If you attach the Thruster on a large storage on any vehicle (except Large Rover) and you fire the Thruster, the vehicle will start spinning and roll until it reaches the physics freeze distance (an area where all the objects stops rendering physics).