Landing Pad

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Landing Pad Landing Pad
Landing Pad.png
Tier Large
Group Item
Type Unknown
Crafted at Large Printer
Recipe 2x Ceramic
1x Aluminum
Unlock Cost 750 Bytes

The Landing Pad is a structure in Astroneer. A special Landing Pad is spawned next to the Habitat when starting a new game. Crafted landing pads function differently, and can be crafted at the Large Printer.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Landing Pad Aluminum
Ceramic x2
Large Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

The naturally-spawned pad is used to spawn a startup package, which includes packaged variants of a Small Printer and an Oxygenator. As it is a unique structure like the starting Shelter there is no way to destroy it or move it.

In co-op sessions, the visiting players will land at the Landing Pad upon joining.

Crafted landing pads, when unpackaged, will display as a wide cylinder with an orange or green center. The landing pad can only be deployed when the center is green.

After the Missions, Compass, and Power update, (March 31st 2021) the Landing Pad will now come equipped with a mission log allowing players to claim items from missions without having to go to the starting pad to claim them

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