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Large Resource Canister Large Resource Canister
Large Resource Canister.png
Tier Large
Group Item
Type Storage
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe Glass
Nanocarbon Alloy
Unlock Cost 5,000 Bytes

The Large Resource Canister is a storage item in Astroneer. It allows players to store more of a single resource than other storage items allow.


Output Input Module
Large Resource Canister Glass
Nanocarbon Alloy
Medium Printer



The Player can cycle between the two modes of the Large Resource Canister by pressing F, XBONE_Y, or PS4_Triangle.

Holding Mode[]

When in this mode, the Large Resource Canister will take from any available storage the resource it is holding. If it is empty, it will take the first resource it finds from such storage and start holding it.

Dispensing Mode[]

When in this mode, the Large Resource Canister will deposit to any available storage the resource it is holding.

Note that the Large Resource Canister will not grab from or deposit to Printers.


  • The Large Resource Canister was first shown off on the SES Dev Twitch stream on June 5, 2020.
  • Scrap counts as a Resource and can therefore be stored in a Large Resource Canister.
  • It is possible for 402 nuggets to be stored in the Large Resource Canister. One nugget will be placed in the input slot on top of the canister when it is full, and a second nugget may be manually placed on the output slot.
  • The icon on the canister changes, depending on which resource is contained inside.