Large Shredder

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Large Shredder Large Shredder
Large shredder.png
Tier Large
Group Module
Type Production
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 1x Tungsten Carbide
2x Iron
Unlock Cost 2,500 Bytes

The Large Shredder is a large module in Astroneer.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Large Shredder Tungsten Carbide
Iron x2
Medium Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Large Shredder can shred everything Tier-2 or below, with the exception of Dynamite, which explodes when shredded, destroying the shredder. It can also be used to shred Debris found all over planets.

  • Power Consumption Rate: 7.5 U/s
Power Input Rate (U/s) Power Usage per Scrap (U) Time taken (s)
7.5 187.5 25
5.0 182.5 36.5
3.75 158.25 42.2
2.5 120 48
1.25 67.5 54
  • The total amount of power consumed changes based on the rate of power provided.

Media[edit | edit source]