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Laterite Laterite
Nugget Laterite.png
Tier Small
Group Resource
Type Natural
Byte Value 100 Bytes

Laterite is a natural resource in Astroneer. It is found in red-and-blue cylindrical crystalline deposits.


Laterite can be found under the surface of every Planet.

The Trade Platform gives 1 Laterite for each Scrap, up to 8 Laterite for 8 Scrap.


Laterite is used to craft the following items:

Module Output Input
Smelting Furnace Aluminum Laterite

Laterite is used to open an EXO Dynamics Research Aid on Icon Sylva.png Sylva


  • Laterite is a soil or mineral layer high in aluminum and iron ores that is easily cut into bricks for construction. This term in its etymology comes from the Latin "later" (brick) and the suffix "ite" to form the name of the minerals in mineralogy.