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Leveling Block Leveling Block
Leveling Block T.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Utility
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Soil

The Leveling Block is a utility item in Astroneer.


Output Input Module
Leveling Block Soil Backpack


The Leveling Block is used to create uniformly flat surfaces, aligned to the voxel grid of the planet. This allows players to create surfaces, also known as true flat, that are smooth with no ridges or bumps.

To use the Leveling Block, place it on a surface and press the Use key (PC: F, Xbox: Xbox One - Y, PS4: PS4 - Triangle, Switch: Switch - X). This will pop the block up and create a flat cube of terrain underneath it.

When hovering over the Leveling Block, a semi-transparent guide appears, showing the direction and angle that the cube of terrain will be created in.


  • The Leveling Block has unlimited uses in Creative Mode and ten uses in Adventure Mode.
  • Players start around the 60 degree mark, which will create a sloped true flat surface with the leveling block. 45 and 90 degree angles are best, which can be determined based on the angle of the guide. 90 Degree angles are always found at a Gateway Chamber, while 45 degree zones would be between two chambers.
  • When paired with a Narrow Mod, the true flat surface can be expanded with better speed and control.