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Marbles Marbles
Zebra Ball.png
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Unknown

Marbles are rare and mysterious Discoveries found around the Planets, usually underground. They can be attached to Tier-2 Attachment Slots like other objects, but they cannot be researched and have little to no apparent use. They do give off light, making them easy to find at night and usable as a light source for nighttime and cave exploring. They also trigger Reaction slots when scoring a goal with the XL Sensor Canopy. The Packager cannot be used on them.

Types[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are three different types of Marble:

  • Zebra Ball: The Zebra Ball has stripes of black and white curled around the sphere in a pattern similar to that of a zebra's coat.
  • Checker Ball: The Checker Ball has a simple checkerboard pattern.
  • Leopard Ball: The Leopard Ball is covered in black spots of varying size in a pattern similar to that of a leopard's coat.

Further Uses[edit | edit source]

For technical players, marbles serve an additional purpose. As marbles are spherical, they can easily roll on a surface and come to rest at the lowest point. This property can be used, when creating completely flat surfaces using the terrain tool in 'flatten mode', to find the point on the flat surface which is closest to the planet core, a point which may be useful for alignment purposes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to developers, the objects were originally used for testing physics and light systems, but were accidentally left in the game.
  • Mini Marbles are Tier-1 sized versions of the Zebra Ball. They have only been seen in SES Vlog: 005 so far.
  • The other variations of the Marble are referred to as " heretics " in the Update 1.1 announcement on Steam. The update is also where the variations came from.

Gallery[edit | edit source]