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Medium Battery Medium Battery
Medium Battery.jpg
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Power Storage
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x Zinc
1x Lithium
Unlock Cost 3,750 Bytes

The Medium Battery is a power storage item in Astroneer. It can hold more power than a Small Battery, and makes for a good reserve of power mid-game.


Output Input Module
Medium Battery Zinc
Small Printer


  • Power Throughput Rate: 5 U/s
  • Power Capacity: 512 U
  • The Medium Battery has 16 visible columns, each of which is equivalent to 32 Units.

Like the Small Battery, Medium Batteries accumulate power when production of energy exceeds demand for energy. The Medium Battery will give away its stored energy whenever the network doesn't produce enough energy.


  • Traveling to different planets will make the yellow bars move off of the center of the battery. The moved bars can not be collided with, but do move the outline of the battery when hovered over. Extensive space travel worsens the effect. This can normally be fixed by either resetting the game or packing the battery, then unpacking it.
  • Lacking visible horizontal lines to mark individual 'bars' found on the Small Battery, each of the 16 vertical columns is effectively eight bars on a Small Battery.
  • Accounting for size efficiency, it could ostensibly be useful in some situations to fill a Medium Storage or a Medium Storage Silo with Small Batteries if throughput is desired.


  • Medium Batteries used to be able to be found deep in caves at the end of tunnels rarely.