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Medium Solar Panel Medium Solar Panel
Medium Solar Panel.png
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Power Generation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x Copper
1x Glass
Unlock Cost 2,000 Bytes

The Medium Solar Panel is a power generation item.

It only produces power when exposed to sunlight. The two panels are folded upward over the center when it is not exposed to sunlight. The Medium Solar Panel doesn't have any power output cables, therefore must be placed on a Platform with 2-slot connection in order to get produced power.


Output Input Module
Medium Solar Panel Copper
Small Printer


  • Power Production Rate: 4 U/s
  • A Medium Solar Panel will fill one column of a medium battery in 4 seconds.
  • A Medium Solar Panel produces four times as much power as a Small Solar Panel.



  • The Pre-Release version had a similarity to pathfinder from the movie "The Martian". It has 3 panels, which were changed to 2 along with a new model later in Pre-Alpha.