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Icon Mission Log.png

Completing a mission makes the next missions available. This map shows all missions and their prerequisites, as of the Jet-Powered update.

Missions are goals for players to work towards, helping to guide players along the path of the game, while offering rewards along the way. The Missions Panel offers various missions to do, such as collect resources, craft certain items, or interact with the main goal of the game.

Completing missions give rewards to the player, that can assist with progression in the game. Rewards range from a number of Bytes, free Schematics, and various Items, such as the very rare QT-RTG or EXO Chip.

Mission Log[]

The Mission Log is attached to any Landing Pad and can be interacted with to bring up the Mission Log panel. The player can use this to keep track of missions and collect rewards.

It is also possible to check the Mission Log any time, using the key for the action wheel (R on PC, Xbox One - D-Pad Up on Xbox, and PS4 - D-Pad Up on PS4) and selecting the missions option. A second possibility to bring it up, is to click on the right side of the backpack. The Mission Log can be used to collect Byte rewards anywhere, but items can only be collected at the Landing Pads.

The log has four sections:

  • Rewards is for completed missions that have rewards waiting to be claimed.
  • Tracked is for missions that the player has decided to track. This allows for easier tracking when multiple missions are active. The player can untrack these missions, which moves them back to Active.
  • Active is for all missions that are currently active. These missions can be tracked and moved to Tracked.
  • Complete is for all missions that have been completed and rewards have already been claimed.


Mission Objectives Description Reward(s) Prerequisite
Planetfall Arrive on Sylva Survive the landing on Sylva Oxygenator x1
Small Printer x1
Astroneering Bas(e)ics Unpack Oxygenator
Install Oxygenator on Shelter
Connect Printer power to Shelter
Retrieve Starting Gear from Landing Pad Tethers x1
Bytes x500
Breathing Space Print a Tether Bundle from Backpack
Connect a Tether to Oxygenator
Tethers can be placed to extend oxygen access Small Canister x1
Bytes x500
Astroneering Bas(e)ics
Resourcing Gather Compound x4
Gather Resin x4
Use the Terrain Tool to gather resources as you excavate Medium Storage x1
Medium Platform A x2
Schematic: Oxygenator
Breathing Space
Landfilling Attach Small Canister to Terrain Tool or Backpack
Fill Small Canister with Soil
Canisters can store soil for terrain filling and flattening Bytes x500 Breathing Space
Re-Tooling Unlock, print, and attach a Boost Mod to your Terrain Tool
Unlock, print, and attach a Drill Mod to your Terrain Tool
Upgrade to dig deeper, faster, and better Soil Centrifuge x1
Schematic: Soil Centrifuge
Printing Up Print Medium Printer
Slot Medium Printer to platform
Printers are used to make larger and more complex modules Large Platform B x1
Schematic: Large Platform B
Smelteringly Hot Unlock and print a Smelting Furnace
Refined Aluminum from Laterite
Minerals are often found underground or in rocky areas, and can be refined using a smelter Medium Storage x1 Printing Up
Powerful Problems Print and connect a Small Generator to power network Generate enough power to sustain your projects Small Battery x1
Schematic: Small Battery
Printing Up
For Science! Print and use a Research Chamber Research Chambers deconstruct objects to generate a steady stream of Bytes Beacon x2
Bytes x250
Printing Up
Forward Progress Place a Shelter on Another Planet

Place a Landing Pad on Another Planet

Make a Home away from Home Buggy x1
Rover Seat x1
Bytes x1,500
To Parts Unknown
Safe as Houses Find Shelter no matter where you land QT-RTG x2

Schematic: Medium Shuttle

Forward Progress
Battery Backup Fully charge a Battery Batteries store power and help keep production going Schematic: Splitter
Schematic: Extenders
Powerful Problems
Eyes on Lithium Gather Lithium x3 Crafting larger batteries will require Lithium from Vesania or Novus Bytes x1,000 Battery Backup
Medium Battery Print a Medium Battery Charge forward toward power mastery Large Wind Turbine x1
Large Solar Panel x1
Eyes on Lithium
High Tech Spec Print an RTG Get more done with this reliable generator QT-RTG x1
Medium Battery x2
Medium Battery
Movin' & Haulin' Print a Tractor Tractors and trailers are good for transporting items and resources Trailer x1
Schematic: Trailer
Smelteringly Hot
Materials Matters Use the Chemistry Lab to mix new materials Bytes x1000 Talking Tungsten
From Thin Air Expand your resource collection using the Atmospheric Condenser Medium Gas Canister x1
Schematic: Medium Gas Canister
Materials Matters
Composite Perfection Refine Nanocarbon Alloy Craft this Composite Resource to show your production mastery Schematic: Portable Oxygenator From Thin Air
Unearthed Extractors automatically dig up resource nuggets Large Resource Canister x1 Stuffed Storage
Arm Yourself! Automate some of your work Large Extended Platform x1
Schematic: Large Extended Platform
Smelteringly Hot
To Parts Unknown Explore other planets to locate new resources QT-RTG
Field Shelter
Solid-Fuel Thruster
Smelteringly Hot
Fuel for Thought Create Hydrazine Produce a resource to fuel further exploration Hydrazine Thruster
Schematic: Hydrazine Thruster
From Thin Air
Talking Tungsten Refined Tungsten from Wolframite Journey to Desolo or Calidor to locate Wolframite Schematic: Medium Generator
Schematic: Floodlight
Smelteringly Hot
Take a Byte Gain 2,000 more Bytes Bytes are used to unlock Schematics via the Catalog Bytes x500 For Science!
Here We Go A Sampling Find and use 10 Research Samples Research samples appear naturally on flora and rock formations Tethers x3 For Science!
Master of Unboxing Unlock an EXO Research Aid Unit Seek out and unlock EXO Dynamics Research Aid units Buggy x1
Schematic: Buggy
Here We Go A Sampling
Relocation Package Unlock and print a Packager Packagers can be used to condense items into crates that are easier to transport Medium Shredder x1
Schematic: Medium Shredder
Movin' & Haulin'
Advanced Explorer Kit Prepare yourself for every situation QT-RTG x1 Take a Byte
Unlocked Potential Unlock 100 Schematics in the Catalog Unlock your potential for adventure QT-RTG x1 Advanced Explorer Kit
Shred, Scrap, Trade Shredders produce Scrap nuggets which can be used to trade for other resources via Trade Platforms QT-RTG x1 Relocation Package
Stuffed Storage Print and Fill a Medium Resource Canister Storage can be used to hold your resources Bytes x500 Relocation Package
Lights in the Distance Discover a Gateway Chamber Locate one of the strange structures emitting a pillar of light Bytes x500 Astroneering Bas(e)ics
Well, That's Weird Activate a Gateway Chamber Find a way to power the strange structure Bytes x1000 Lights in the Distance
A Core Concept Activate a Planet's Core Dig deep, find the planet core, and figure out how turn it on QT-RTG x1
Bytes x2000
Well, That's Weird
Multi-Core Processing Activate the Cores of Every Planet On every planet, activate at least one Gateway Chamber and the Core QT-RTG x1
Bytes x10000
A Core Concept
There's Something Out There Investigate the Unidentified Satellite Visit the Unidentified Satellite that has been revealed in the solar system Bytes x2500 A Core Concept
Through the Looking Glass Activate the Unidentified Satellite Place the Geometric Triptych from each planet on the Unidentified Satellite QT-RTG x3
Bytes x5000
There's Something Out There
Cracking Caches Find and explode an EXO Cache Use your Compass to locate an EXO Cache and explode it with Dynamite EXO Chip x3 Advanced Explorer Kit
Prototype Recovery Retrieve data from a busted EXO prototype vehicle - codename: HVR Bytes x500 To Parts Unknown
Tracing the Transmission Find the MAT (Material Analysis Transmitter) and decode the data from the EXO Chip Bytes x500 Prototype Recovery
Electrical Engineering Resources are needed for internal power and wiring evaluation Bytes x250 Tracing the Transmission
Ingredient Investigations Prototype data decrypted: Crafting materials are needed for analysis Bytes x250 Tracing the Transmission
Onboarding Activate the MAT Send off the compiled data for a new Schematic Hoverboard x1
Schematic: Hoverboard
Electrical Engineering & Ingredient Investigations
Vertical Thinking Retrieve the test data of EXO prototype vehicle - Codename: VERT Bytes x500 Fuel for Thought or Onboarding
Bootstrapping Find the MAT (Material Analysis Transmitter) and decode the data from the EXO Chip Bytes x500 Vertical Thinking
What The Thrust? Gases are needed to determine proper fuel and thrust generation Bytes x250 Bootstrapping
Substance Selection Prototype data decrypted: Crafting materials are needed for analysis Bytes x250 Bootstrapping
Further Refinement Create higher quality ingredients for prototype consideration Bytes x250 What The Thrust? & Substance Selection
Analysis Paralysis Boost the MAT with more EXO Chips Bytes x250 Further Refinement
Finished Product Activate the MAT Send off the compiled data for a new Schematic VTOL
Hydrazine x2
Schematic: VTOL
Analysis Paralysis
Echoes of the Past Unlock and print a Probe Scanner Create a Probe Scanner Solid-Fuel Jump Jet x2 From Thin Air
Chasing Signals Find Vintage Probe and Attach Probe Scanner Activate the Probe Scanner to narrow in on the location of a Vintage Probe Bytes x5000 Echoes of the Past
Things to Remember Find the Remaining Vintage Probes Explore the solar system for more signals from the past - each planet has a unique Probe Bytes x10000 Chasing Signals
When and Where? Greet the Wanderer A visitor wants to take your picture RTG x1
Bytes x5000
Things to Remember


  • The Missions and Mission Log was first shown off during the February 5, 2021 stream on Twitch.
  • The Mission Panel replaces the old startup panel on the starter Landing Pad
  • Prototype Recovery and Vertical Thinking may be started by finding the related Data Recorders or MATs on their respective planets.
  • Missions that require gathering resources must be completed by the player themselves using the terrain tool to mine the resource. Using a vehicle with a drill for example, will not count towards mission progress.