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Modules are a type of item in Astroneer that allows players to advance in the game by crafting resources, providing bytes, or cleaning up debris found on the planets. They vary in size, from medium to extra large, and need to be placed on the proper Attachment Slot to function.

Modules are available early on, having all Printers available at the very start, and with the Research Chamber as the first a player should unlock. From there, they are available at different points of the game to further progression and add more gameplay. All modules can be unlocked in the Research Catalog, and cost Bytes to unlock.


Item Tier Description
Small Printer Small Creates medium tier modules using 2 resources
Medium Printer Medium Creates Tier-3 modules using 3 resources
Medium Shredder Medium Produces Scrap from small debris and items
Large Printer Large Fabricates Extra Large Modules
Smelting Furnace Large Refine raw materials into its refined forms
Soil Centrifuge Large Extracts certain Resources from soil
Chemistry Lab Large Converts resources to alloys and composites
Atmospheric Condenser Large Generates Atmospheric Resources using power
Research Chamber Large Extracts Bytes from Research Items and certain Resources
EXO Request Platform Large Used for the Project CHEER Recovery Mission, EXO Salvage Initiative and the EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol.
Trade Platform Large Trades Scrap for resources
Large Shredder Large Able to turn up to Medium items into scrap
Crane Large When paired with Drill Head, capable of excavating terrains at a rapid pace
Extra Large Shredder Extra Large Able to turn up to Tier-3 items into Scrap


  • While the printers are listed as items in their descriptions, they have the same functions as modules, as they craft all other items in the game.
  • Every crafting module, those with interfaces, have a button that allows you to loop the crafting process as long as you have the resources on you.