Narrow Mod

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Narrow Mod Narrow Mod
Icon narrow mod.png
Tier Small
Group Augment
Type Terrain Tool
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Zinc
Unlock Cost 1,000 Bytes

The Narrow Mod is a Terrain Tool augment that makes the terraforming diameter smaller, allowing the player to terraform and paint Terrain with more precision.

If both the Wide Mod and Narrow Mod are attached to the Terrain Tool, the mod closest to the top of the tool will take priority over the other.

  • This mod can be combined with other mods such as the Inhibitor Mod and Terrain Analyzer to produce effects.
  • This mod will not work with the Wide Mod.
  • Stacking this augment has no additional effect.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Narrow Mod Zinc Backpack

Media[edit | edit source]