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X.png The subject of this article has been removed from the game in an update.
For the mechanic, see Oxygen.

Oxygen Oxygen
Icon Oxygen.png
Tier Small
Group Resource
Type Unknown

Oxygen is a resource that is consumed constantly by the player, produced endlessly by habitats and vehicles, can be found naturally and also stored in stacks.

Much like Power, Oxygen is commonly found on the surface of planets, as well as inside caves, in the form of blue deposits (outcropping from the ground). It was found, prior to 0.4.10221.0, in spires.

When harvested from the environment, oxygen will stack up on the back of the deform tool which will then be transferred to the backpack once the stack is complete. An oxygen stack can then be moved and placed on any storage slot. As oxygen is consumed from the stack it will shrink and, once it's completely consumed, the stack will disappear.

A full stack holds 35 seconds of oxygen, or the equivalent of half a tank.

When they are present in the backpack, oxygen stacks do not replenish tanks but they will be consumed after them (as of On the other hand, mining oxygen from patches will replenish tanks before stacking oxygen in the deform tool.