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Oxygen Filters Oxygen Filters
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Oxygen Storage
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Resin
Unlock Cost Unlocked

Oxygen Filters are an oxygen storage item that can be consumed to save the players life by providing a limited supply of oxygen. They are similar to Power Cells in the way that they work, in that they are destroyed once consumed. Oxygen Filters can be crafted from the Backpack or found exploring the planets. Oxygen Filters are already unlocked in the Research Catalog when starting a new game.


Output Input Module
Oxygen Filters Resin Backpack


  • Oxygen Filters, once plugged into the backpack, will immediately produce Oxygen, filling the primary backpack tank and then sequentially filling any connected Oxygen Tanks. Oxygen will not decrease until all attached Filters are depleted.
  • They will deactivate temporarily when connected to Tethers, any other Oxygen source, or are disconnected from the backpack.
  • The blue ring turns on when the filters are providing oxygen and turns off when connected to Tethers or any other Oxygen source.
  • Can fill (from empty): your backpack tank and fully charge 7 more oxygen canisters before it completely runs out. This was conducted with a fresh filter at 0 oxygen with 12 empty canisters and an empty oxygen bar while taking suffocating damage.


  • When disconnected from the backpack, the blue light on the filter will remain in whichever state it was when being disconnected.
  • Oxygen Filters hold a total of 80 seconds of air at a minimum (1 minutes 20 seconds), but can produce more Oxygen if multiple tanks are available to fill during their 80-second run time, or if the player has less than a full Oxygen tank at the moment when the Filter is created.
  • Each of the four filters in the bundle represent 20 seconds of time that the filter can continue operating.