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The following table lists controls of Astroneer with the PlayStation 4 Controller.

PS4 - Options Options Bring up menu.
PS4 - Touch Pad Tap Touch Pad Open Research Catalog.
PS4 - Left Analog Left Analog Stick Move Player.
PS4 - Right Analog Right Analog Stick Move camera. Move cursor when in Cursor Mode. Drag/move selected object in Cursor Mode.
PS4 - L2 Activate Cursor Mode.
PS4 - R2 Select object.
PS4 - L3 Left Analog Stick Click Sprint.
PS4 - Cross Jump. Crafting in Backpack.
PS4 - Square Open/close Terrain Tool.
PS4 - Circle Exit interfaces. Open Backpack.
PS4 - Triangle Enter/exit vehicle/shelter.

Open module interfaces. Place Small items into Backpack when selected in Cursor Mode, Medium/Large items are placed into players arms.

PS4 - Triangle Hold Scan Research Sample. Unpack Crate.
PS4 - L1

PS4 - R1

Alternate between Terrain Tool modes. Use items in the widget slots.
PS4 - D-Pad Left D-Pad Left Emote 1.
PS4 - D-Pad Up D-Pad Up Emote 2.
PS4 - D-Pad Right D-Pad Right Emote 3.
PS4 - D-Pad Down D-Pad Down Place Tether. (Must have Tethers in Backpack)