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Hello all editors and users of the Astroneer Wiki! We are in the process of updating and switching over to use the new Fandom Desktop skin on the wiki. There will be many changes over the coming days, but the main goal is to keep the wiki feeling the same, as much as we can! If you notice any issues once the swap is made, please post them to the Admin Noticeboard so we can address it right away. We are also going to be completing the update to the Astroneer Wiki:Style guide, so there is a more up to date guide on how to style the wiki going forward.


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Version Number
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date December 20, 2016
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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  • Fix deadlock causing freezes on many people's machines, especially those with dual core CPUs.
  • Fix 10 different crash issues affecting save reloads, multiplayer joins, and general gameplay.
  • Decrease performance impact of distant objects
  • Fix certain performance problems that appear after loading a save.
  • Optimize tether networks to significantly improve framerate performance.
  • Tethers now go dark when disconnected from their sources.
  • Properly disable VR plugins