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Research Update
Patch 0.5.0.jpg
Version Number
Game Stage Alpha
Release Date December 18, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 221
Next Patch Patch 0.5.1

Patch 0.5.0, also known as the Research Update, released on December 18, 2017. This marked the move from the Pre-Alpha to the Alpha stage of Astroneer.


Complete Overhaul of the Research System[]

The research system has been completely changed from the ground up. This will allow us to add new items to the game on a consistent basis, while giving players direct ways to unlock the items they want. Here's how it works:

We have introduced a concept called Bytes. Bytes are the way Astroneers will unlock items in the new research system.

Getting Bytes requires researching items at the new Research Chamber. Items that are researchable include: Research Chests found in the world, and resources like Compound, Resin, etc. We will be expanding the list of researchable items in the future.

Use the backpack Catalog to unlock blueprints. After you have accumulated enough bytes to unlock the items you want, open up your Catalog in your backpack to send data to Exo Dynamics in exchange for the blueprint to create said item.

There are a few general tips for this new system. Research Chambers require a constant flow of power to continue gathering Bytes. That means power infrastructure like Batteries, Generators, Solar panels, and Wind generators will become extremely important. You can Overclock your platforms to produce more bytes by increasing the amount of power the platforms receive.

Added the new and improved Research Chamber[]

The new Research Chamber is our first platform using "streaming" power, a system we are going to move to completely in the future. Now, rather than placing a research chest on the platform and getting a random item, you research objects to accumulate data, which you can then use to unlock whatever items you would like from your backpack. These platforms all stack, so the more powered platforms with research you have going, the more Bytes you will accumulate!

You can also Overclock your Research Chamber to accumulate Bytes faster. Examine the module connected to the platform to see the rate of Bytes, and also check if you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Players should also be aware that after you add a researchable item to the Chamber, you cannot stop the process without destroying the contents. Cancelling for any reason means you lose the Bytes left in that subject!

Added the new backpack Catalog Module[]

The Catalog is your central hub for unlocking printable blueprints for items. Once you have enough Bytes, open the catalog using the backpack key while the backpack is open, or just click on it when your backpack is stowed. On the top if it's screen you will see the rate of Bytes Per Minute (BPM) as well as your total accumulated Bytes, and on the bottom, you can scroll through researchable items and unlock them by clicking on the green button. To cycle through the categories of research, press the buttons with the icons above the main window.

First Implementation of the new "streaming" power system[]

As the first step in getting basebuilding online, the Research Chamber uses the new streaming power system to operate. That means rather than having base modules use a power bar that has to continue refilling, modules using the new mechanic search the network for sources of power and then stay connected to them as long as the power keeps coming in.

Implemented new resource colors[]

Keeping with our ideal to try and base items in our game on actual science, we worked on updating resource colors. Items like malachite should now better reflect their real world counterparts. These are still a work in progress.

UI updates[]

The game now has a few usability and informational tweaks. The first is a prompt to let players know that an old save is most likely unsupported and buggy. Upon loading the older save, the game will warn you about the potential for bugs and less than ideal performance. We also added a new message of the day area on the home screen, with a link to patch notes so you can check them out anytime.

Added a new in-game tutorial[]

Players will now have an on-screen prompt upon starting new saves that explains updated mechanics and content! Press F1 on your keyboard or the "View" button on your controller to pull up these tutorials at any time.

Automatic Crash Reporting Implemented[]

Now, if you crash as a result of a bug, the game will automatically send a report to us for triage. We might still ask for crashdumps from time to time, but this will help us better track crashes and how many players they effect.

New Soundtrack Music now added to the existing soundtrack songs[]

Purchasers of the Astroneer soundtrack will get the new Soundtrack Volume 2 by Rutger Zuydervelt for free! If you want to purchase a physical copy, head over here! Riley also added new sounds for the Research Chamber and Catalog.

Bug Fixes[]

  • The game now auto-saves appropriately when force quitting via the window “x” in the top right corner or by pressing ALT+F4.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Client player’s dropship had no thrusters in Multiplayer games.
  • Players can no longer hold objects after death or during the re-launch animation from orbit.
  • Fixed a few issues with quick stowing of items not interacting well with the backpack printer.
  • Fixed the Terrain Brush color ring to reflect the player color in the 'tool disabled' state (it’s no longer fuschia).
  • Fixed a few other instances of Client players getting stuck in a wheelie while driving a Rover in Multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games where the soil burn-off effect on the drill did not display for Client players
  • Fixed a bug in Multiplayer games on Xbox One where the 'No Power' text and symbol were not visible on Modules to Client players