Patch 0.5.1

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Update 0.5.1
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Version Number
Game Stage Alpha
Release Date January 18, 2018
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Previous Patch Patch 0.5.0
Next Patch Patch 0.6.0

Updates[edit | edit source]

Research System now uses Multi-Phase rates[edit | edit source]

This release we've made a big update to the research system that debuted in our last update. Now every research subject contains multiple phases with different Byte values. Some items have their most valuable phase early, some much later, and some in between. So if you really want to maximize your research operations, you have lots of new decisions to make about what to research, when, and for how long. To help you make these decisions and figure out how much you want to min-max as a player, the Control Panel on the Research Chamber now shows a timeline of all the current item's phases.

If your current research subject has moved into a lower-rate phase, and want to replace it something that's higher value, you can stop the current research operation and and load in the new subject right away. But be careful, stopping a research operation early means sacrificing any uncollected points! So don't be reckless, okay?

Update to the lighting system has been implemented[edit | edit source]

In this patch we included an overhaul to the lighting system. The main goal was to get the game running using the ACES tone mapper, so we could then get the game running in HDR in a future update. That meant spending lots of time recreating the look of Astroneer in a completely new system. We aren't completely done tweaking this, but overall this approach is a huge step in the right direction.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing save files to be deleted when the game crashed or the application was closed. In the most common case, this occurred when very large saves took enough time to write out that the user had time to close the window before the file finished.
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistent playback of Gas Hazard audio
  • Fixed a minor issue where the Astroneer could still walk around when scrolling through the pages of the Help screen.
  • Fixed an annoying Multiplayer bug which prevented the Client player from exiting a flipped vehicle in Multiplayer games.
  • By adjusting a few things in the engineering team’s favorite part of the code, local wind effects should now only spawn for the relevant player rather than all players in a Multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a bug where the Research platform remained in the "completed" state if it lost power while in that state.
  • Base platforms no longer have "ghost" slots on the front that store only Compound. Goodbye, secret Compound storage.

Crashes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering the pause menu
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while printing an item
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while opening your backpack in certain situations
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading a save game