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Update 0.6.0
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Version Number
Game Stage Alpha
Release Date February 22, 2018
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 0.5.1
Next Patch Patch 0.6.2


Introduction of the Basebuilding System[]

Creating bases has changed fundamentally at its core. Now Astroneers can create bases however they like with a variety of new movable platforms and new ways to connect those platforms together.

We have introduced free standing movable base platforms. Three all new Platforms have been added. Two versions of the Medium Platform, and a platform for base modules, the Large Platform. These objects can now be placed and rotated individually, allowing for greater flexibility in base configurations. Lock platforms into place by connecting them to power. If you want to move them again, just disconnect all power lines.

Introducing: Fabricators Fabricators are portable printers that allow you to make bases. Pop up the new control panel, pick what you want to fabricate, and in the end you will have a crate you can unpack immediately or bring with you anywhere you go. The Small Fabricator allows you to bootstrap an entire base from your Backpack and is used to print Medium Platforms and Medium Fabricators. The Medium Fabricator is for printing Large Platforms and Base Modules. Medium Printers and Vehicle Bays remain unchanged for now.

The starting Habitat module has received a visual update. Complete with a built in Oxygenator, Power Generation System, nighttime running lights, and 4 power connectors, the new Habitat is top of the line Exo Dynamics technology.

All printed base Modules and Platforms now come in the form of packaged crates. This allows them them to be moved or stored before deploying. Hovering over a crate on the ground or a Module on a Platform will show a hologram preview of its orientation. Base module crates can only be unpacked while on top of a platform, so keep that in mind when planning your base.

Added a new Landing Pad which automatically deploys next to a new Habitat. The Landing Pad is used to call in your first packaged items, and as zone for other players who join your session to land. Be aware that calling in new packages to the landing pad will destroy the extant ones. We plan on adding more functionality to the landing pad in the future. For now, shuttles will still land in the area in front of a vehicle bay.

Bases created in previous builds will automatically migrate to the new Basebuilding system. When loading into an old save, Platforms and Modules will be converted to their movable, packaged form. We tried to support old saves as best we could so there was no loss of items, but terrain might not always generate properly. As always though, use old saves at your own risk.

All holograms have received a visual update. They should now be much more readable at all times of day. The introductory landing sequence has been updated. We will continue to improve on the introductory sequence in future updates.

Implemented an all new Power System[]

Changed the Power System over to a system that uses streaming shared power pools. That means items that need power pull from available power generators on a connected network. All Modules, Rovers, and crashed solar arrays have been migrated to use this new power system. To see how a network is doing, check out the new power indicators on platforms.

Cable and Cable Connector Art has been updated. Cables and their Connectors are now indicators for how much power is running through a network. When the indicator is red, the network needs power and all Modules connected to it will not run at optimal efficiency. As you add more power, the indicator will begin to expand, and connected Modules will run faster.

Added a new directional power tool, Extenders. Extenders are printable in bundles of five from your backpack. Extenders provide directed power flow, which redirects excess power from one pool to another. Drag a cable from the extender to indicate the direction of power and where you would like it to flow. Power flow is indicated by the large chevron on the cable.

Added small standalone platforms for small power items. When placed on the ground, Small Solar Panels, Small Generators, Small Wind Vanes. and Worklights will now deploy standalone bases with two Power Connectors on them. Use these to add power to your network, power bespoke standalone platforms, or as extenders that also add power. Small worklight bases also contain spikes can now stick to any terrain surface regardless of orientation.

Interaction Updates[]

A new interaction verb “Use” has been added to the game. Holding Use (by default E on keyboard and X on the Gamepad) triggers using an object. It is also used to get in and out of vehicles and the Habitat.

A new interaction verb “Examine” has been added to the game. Holding Examine (by default Q on keyboard and Y on the Gamepad) triggers examining an object or its control panel.

Holding Q on keyboard or Y on Gamepad will now open the Catalog whether or not the Backpack is open. This is a change from the double-Q / double-Y interaction from previous releases.

  • Shoulder buttons can now toggle items in the Backpack Auxiliary slots on and off.
  • Interactions that need to be held rather than tapped, like Use and Examine, now have a visual indicator ring around them.
  • Platforms and Modules can be rotated using Z / X keyboard and RB / LB on Gamepad by default.
  • When standing close enough to power slots, Gamepad users will auto-select slots that can pull connections.
  • The Backpack printer can now be used with the directional pad and A button, rather than having to use the Gamepad cursor.

Other Updates[]

  • Small Generators now auto-pull nearby Organic resources when actively generating power.
  • Small Generators will now automatically turn on when an Organic resource is added.
  • Firework rocket has been added to the Catalog as an unlockable object. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Control Panel buttons, including the Research Platform, have been updated to change color and icon depending on whether pressing it will start, stop, or cancel a process, or if there is insufficient power.
  • Tutorial help menu carousel has been updated to include Basebuilding, Power, and Interaction changes.
  • Informational widgets that appear at the bottom of the screen have received updated visuals.
  • Optimized rendering of hovering info text that appears over holograms, along with other minor framerate optimizations.
  • Made several changes to the gravity system to improve stability of Rovers.
  • Medium Generators now provide about 30% more power

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed several issues causing Rovers to float when outside of physics range. There should now be fewer instances of Rovers going on a beautiful journey into space.
  • Unified the simulation of the vehicle chain. This should mean many less vehicle physics freakouts going forward.
  • Fixed an Xbox One crash that sometimes occurred when players were transitioning into Multiplayer games, improving overall stability.
  • Fixed a PC crash that sometimes occurred when players were transitioning into Multiplayer games, improving overall stability.
  • Fixed a minor issue where large rocks would not despawn when dislodged, causing untidy bases.
  • Fixed an occasional bug where the mouselook camera would do a single wild 360 degree swing.
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to pick up things inappropriately while seated.



Release Date: 23rd February 2018

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a few crashes that were occurring
  • Fixed missing sounds that were not loading for fireworks and other items
  • Fixed an interaction but that resulted in players being unable to use the terrain tool after sitting in a 3-seat on a Shuttle
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to unpack base modules that were not on a Large Platform.