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Update 0.6.2
Patch 0.6.2.jpg
Version Number
Game Stage Alpha
Release Date February 28, 2018
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 0.6.0
Next Patch Patch 0.6.5


Large Storage on a Rover or on a Large Platform will now pass-through power! We are extremely excited that players are finding all new ways to plug different base and vehicle modules together, and realized we needed to add some functionality to large storage to account for that. Now generators, wind vanes, and solar panels connected to Large Storage will pass power through to the platform or vehicle they are printed on. Additionally, we are working on new platforms, storage units and more to keep expanding on the variety of configurations for bases. Details soon.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed missing sounds that were not loading for fireworks and other items
  • Fixed an interaction bug that resulted in players being unable to use the terrain tool after sitting in a 3-seat on a Shuttle or Large Rover
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to unpack base modules that were not on a Large Platform.
  • Fixed a bug where a battery that was plugged into a power pool would constantly tell the player it was full
  • Fixed a bug where running platforms that got disconnected would then gain infinite power
  • Fixed a bug that would result in "wireless power" for disconnected platforms
  • Fixed a bug that caused a full Mineral Extractor to turn into Barad-dûr, resulting in the Eye of Sauron's gaze to follow your every move in your solar system.

Crash Fixes[]

  • Fixed and added guards against crashes resulting from the array of connections while regenerating and merging Tether networks
  • Fixed and added guards against crashes resulting from the unpack animation failing to play

Known Issues[]

  • Corpses in the habitat from disconnected players trap players in the Habitat. Until we a get a fix in, make sure players do not disconnect while sitting in the Habitat! You can almost always jump your way out, or examine the corpse to start the despawn timer.
  • Rovers sometimes become stuck in terrain on save/load.
  • Power nuggets no longer charge batteries. They do however, still power rovers and other battery based items one their batteries have been depleted.
  • Clients in multiplayer sometimes cannot see holograms on modules or in the Catalog.
  • Invoking the use action on a printable Habitat sometimes causes the player to simultaneously grab it, causing them to rocket into space.
  • The burn-off particle effect shoots across the entire screen.
  • Large platforms are intended to create oxygen in this build. We plan on changing this behavior in an upcoming update.
  • Extractors no longer autofeed from connected storage
  • Solar Array crashes are no longer moveable