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The Lunar Update
Patch 1.3.0.jpg
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date July 18, 2019
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.2.8
Next Patch Patch 1.4.15


The game has been updated with even more storage and platform options for your bases!

Medium T-Platform

  • Printed from: Small Printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Plastic
  • Byte Cost: 1,500

Large T-Platform

  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminum Alloy, 2 Plastic
  • Byte Cost: 4,000

Large Storage Silo A

  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 3 Aluminum Alloy
  • Byte Cost: 5,000

Large Storage Silo B

  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 3 Steel
  • Byte Cost: 7,500

Limited Time Events[]

In all Astroneer solar systems, a historical lander has appeared and is transmitting mission recordings!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that put humans on the moon, we are running a special limited time in game event! Starting now until August 31, 2019, players who discover the iconic lander on Desolo will receive:

  • Vintage Red Palette
  • Vintage Emblem Visor

In addition, the LEM lander's TV Camera is still operational, and will take photos of intrepid Astroneers that find it! Once taken, make sure to take a screenshot and share with us on social media!

EXO Surface Payload Delivery Airbags have been deployed containing firework variants that can be used to celebrate July holidays as well as the lunar landing anniversary!

Delivery Airbags carrying Fireworks spawn in groups of 3, each having 3 fireworks. Delivery Airbags can't be picked up and are not shreddable.

  • Calidor: Yellow fireworks
  • Vesania: Green Fireworks
  • Novus : Teal Fireworks
  • Atrox : Violet Fireworks
  • Sylva: Red Fireworks
  • Desolo: Orange Fireworks
  • Glacio: Blue Fireworks

Quality of Life[]

Several “Quality of Life” issues have been addressed in this update

  • By popular demand, Rovers are now able to be flipped without leaving the vehicle!
  • The trace function on cables has been adjusted so that slotting cables between platforms should be less finicky.
  • Pressing F1 on the keyboard or XXXX on the Gamepad will now open the Astropedia directly.
  • Created new tooltips and descriptions for mutant seeds to indicate they are growing.
  • Wrecked Point of Interest platform legs are now shreddable in the Medium shredder.
  • Medium Storage now unfolds properly on Extra Large Platforms

Performance Optimizations[]

  • Optimized beacon rendering and update time.
  • Optimized and timesliced tether post update.
  • Optimized game state update.
  • Slight optimization to speed up map load times
  • Further optimizations to relevance checks for entities which dynamically spawn/despawn their actors.
  • Further optimizations to power system update.
  • Optimized update for tooltips.
  • Optimized the splitter to only run logic required for control panel use when the control panel is open.
  • Optimized rovers to only perform updates related to movement when the rover is actually moving.
  • Optimized power cables to make sure they do not update until relevant state changes.
  • Optimized the medium battery to have a much less expensive update.
  • Various optimizations to turn off animation updates for objects that are inert until relevant state changes occur. These optimizations were performed for: Shuttles, Deployable Landing Pad, Astro Backpack, Printers, Soil Centrifuge, Control Panels
  • Optimized control panels and catalog to nearly eliminate their update costs while closed.
  • Optimized terrain tool update: now it only runs while deforming and is faster than before.

Bug Fixes[]

The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • Fixed our save system to work around the 16MB save file size limitation on Xbox and UWP. Players will still be unable to save if they create a save file greater than 128MB in size, or if the size of all of their save files is greater than 256MB minus the size required to save their current session.
  • Resized debris object so they no longer grow and immediately shrink when unpacking.
  • When packaging the Wrecked small rover, another seat will no longer spawn when unpacking it.
  • Rover wheels are no longer causing a visual issue when approaching them after loading a save.
  • Beacons, Chambers, and Engines located on other planets are no longer visible while orbiting a planet or traveling through space.
  • In the tutorial, Players will no longer be stuck in the dropship after pressing “Use” Interaction before prompted.
  • Planting seeds should now play the corresponding sound effects
  • All plants will now grant some amount of Organic when harvested with the Terrain Tool
  • Particle effects that are connected to terrain will now get destroyed when that terrain is removed
  • Proximity Poppers death VFX are no longer disproportionately large when they are dug up
  • Terrain tool dots (and ring) now correctly turn red when out of range, even when the targeted terrain is obstructed.
  • Client is now able to use the Chemistry Lab after leaving relevance.
  • SFX should not be heard while loading screen is present


  • Tether lines are now connecting correctly to the Tall Platform.
  • Tether lines are now connecting correctly to the Medium Platform C


  • Highlight bar Alignment should be consistent across different monitor types
  • Highlight bar on Saved Games is persistent until the action has been completed
  • Removed hover state highlight bar from Rename save submenu header.