Patch 1.4.15

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The Exploration Update
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date September 4, 2019
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.3.11
Next Patch Patch 1.5.8

Updates[edit | edit source]

New objects have been added to the game!

Hydrazine Jet Pack

Provides sustained direction thrust, consumes hydrazine.
Printed from: Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Titanium Alloy
Byte Cost: 15,000

Solid-Fuel Jump Jet

Provides additional boost when jumping, limited time usage.
Printed from: Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy
Byte Cost: 5,000

Small Camera

Takes instant photograph when slotted, delayed when placed on the ground.
Printed from: Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Steel
Byte Cost: 2,500


An inexpensive illumination device that is used to provide temporary guidance for 15 minutes before expiring.
Printed from: Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Organic
Byte Cost: 350

Field Shelter

Packable shelter that creates a new save and spawn point.
Printed from: Small Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Silicone , 1 Graphene
Byte Cost: 8,000

Reaction Slots

Special slots are now available on the new Hoop platforms, Arch Platform, and Ring Storage. When a platform is triggered by a Player or Ball (zebra, beach, recreational sphere), it will activate any item that is attached.

Large Hoop Platform A

Recreational Item
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 2 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Copper, 1 Ceramic
Byte Cost: 4,000

Large Hoop Platform B

Recreational Item
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Steel, 1 Copper
Byte Cost: 6,000

Large Storage Ring

Recreational Item
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 2 Ceramic
Byte Cost: 2,500

Extra Large Arch Platform

Recreational Item
Printed from: Large Printer
Resource Cost: 2 Steel, 2 Titanium
Byte Cost: 7,000

Updated the art of the following objects to match the current art style

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

These “Quality of Life” issues have been addressed in this update.

  • Players can now manually toggle the orientation of the Medium Storage.
  • Lowered the volume on deform noises so that players can hear the notification pings
  • Reduced the cost of the Hydrazine Thruster Recipe to: 1 Tungsten & 1 Steel

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.4.15


  • Platforms will no longer sink into the ground if terrain around them is manipulated in anyway
  • Large Rover will no longer fall through the ground when the terrain tool is used around it or when a drill is active.
  • Tooltip for the broken Large Platform B now says Detritus as expected.
  • Audio Listener position works properly on spherical worlds
  • LOD for some aspects of the trade platform have been extended.
  • Small battery no longer has overlapping plugs.
  • The Odd Stone on the Gateway Station now has proximity highlight for controller players.
  • Both the Large Storage Silo A and Large Storage Silo B can now be shredded in the T4 shredder.
  • Soil Centrifuge now returns resources to upright position after extracting soil, even when there are no slots for the resources to be placed on.
  • Gateway station now has correct mouse-over UI in orbital view, even after flying to and from several planets.
  • Changes made to customization options when both users have their customization menus open are now reflected to each other.
  • Modules are now able to automatically pull resources from the Large Storage Silo A and Large Storage Silo B.
  • All decorators on Desolo now giving players organic when harvested.
  • All three printers will now swap out the proper quantities of resources when switching between two items that require different amounts of the same ingredient to print.
  • XL Platform B’s oxygen indicator is now only on when the platform is actually connected to oxygen
  • Tethers that were previously disappearing are now spawned in the air next to the player and drop to the ground.
  • Wind vanes and decorators now have synced wind response to wind streaks.
  • Repackager and Dynamite are both more closely oriented to the item they are attached to.


  • Research Chamber appears as expected for client when they leave relevance then to it.
  • Resources deposits will no longer disappear from client's perspective occasionally.
  • Client is now able to use Soil Centrifuge if they have left the area and returned.