Patch 158

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Patch 158
Patch 158.jpg
Version Number 0.3.10158.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date May 5, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Next Patch Patch 182

Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Hydrazine can explode!
  • Gas hazards now despawn after being uncovered from terrain.
  • Improved research curve. Chests of the same type can now be re-researched. (This resolves an issue where some players might never see certain unlocks)
  • Add Turkish language to the build.
  • Add Early Accesss/Pre-alpha + Build # to on-screen overlay.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue causing the occurrence of visible seams in terrain in MP or after save load.
  • Improve rover stability in MP so they no longer unrecoverably fly apart.
  • Most rocks now despawn after being dug up.
  • Fix gamepad camera behavior while in planet navigation.
  • Fix incorrect research unlock text.
  • Fix ejected resource nuggets being ungrabbable for non-host players.
  • Fix various audio cues playing incorrectly in MP.
  • Fix power cells not unlocking despite the player receiving an unlock message.