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Research Update
Patch 221.jpg
Version Number 0.4.10221.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date November 13, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 219
Next Patch Patch 0.5.0


Added rigid joints between rovers[]

The old rover joints created all sorts of physics issues caused by the individual rover bodies flipping over, colliding with other rovers in the train, and generally just being extremely wonky. The new joints are much more rigid, allowing for more stable rover trains overall. As always, rovers are still a work in progress, and we hope to have a complete overhaul of their physics, maneuverability, and controls when we get to our 1.0 launch. Note: Rover trains are now limited to 4!

Patch Notes now on the home screen[]

Both Steam and Xbox "Play Anywhere" users should now see a "Patch Notes" button on the home screen of their game. This first iteration will point to Excavation Update changes, but in the future this link will change dynamically and have "message of the day" type information.

Contextual Quick Stow enabled[]

This feature is a small but extremely helpful one. Currently Astroneers have three kinds of storage. Backpack space, Aux Slots (top of the backpack), and the terrain tool slots. Things like augments are useful on the terrain tool or stored in the backpack, while solar panels and small wind vanes want to be on the top of your backpack to be useful. With this new behavior, while quick stowing items, (Shift + Mouse 1) on PC (Right Trigger + X) on Xbox items will naturally try and slot to the place that makes the most sense. This should also work with items currently in your inventory, so swapping a solar panel to your aux slots should be a bit easier now!

New music and sound implemented[]

  • Implement New Music Assets
  • Audio - Update "negative" UI sound effect
  • Audio - cleaned up foley SFX

Oxygen/Power/Resource Plinths removed from planets[]

The "infinite" power and oxygen towers in the game have been removed. They were first implemented as a "fix" for players that got lost, but their frequency changed the exploration experience in a bad way. Exploring far away from your base should be viewed as a trek that requires planning and preparation. You can still find oxygen and power on cave walls, but otherwise, plan ahead or bring a vehicle or meet almost certain death.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Hydrazine Catalyzer now shows the name of the resource (Ammonium) required to make Hydrazine.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fuel Condenser wouldn’t fill an entire canister with fuel in five battery cycles.
  • Fixed several Multiplayer issues causing Canisters holograms to frequently not appearing for the Client player.
  • Fixed an issue where empty canisters some times display as full on Client
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where the Mineral Extractor module would become temporarily invisible for the Client player.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘'Enclosed 1-Seat' would be un-selectable in Vehicle Bay after the player cycled away from printing it.
  • Player can no longer jump infinitely off of items on the deform tool with the backpack open.
  • Fixed issues with inconsistent power usage by Augments.
  • Objects dropped from backpack upon death are no longer buried when the player returns, instead items that were slotted into the Deform Tool are now found on a Deform Tool near the body.
  • Fixed some awkwardness for players getting out of vehicles while they were upside down.
  • Fixed a major Multiplayer issue which prevented players from rejoining a game after they quit to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where Tether lines would not go dark for Client players when they were disconnected from an oxygen source
  • Fixed a visual-only bug in Multiplayer games where the Mineral Extractor canisters looked full for Client players
  • Crane controls once again work for gamepads!(édité)
  • Fixed a crash in Multiplayer games that occurred when Client players left the game while seated in the respawn Habitat.
  • Instances of the hilarious, yet annoying Rover Rodeo have been reduced, but may still occur in extraordinarily laggy network situations.


Hotfix 223[]

Hotfix 223.jpg

Release Date: November 22, 2017

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed functionality related to printing and utilizing oxygen canisters
  • Applied physics changes to vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zebra ball would demand you interact with it and only it.