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Paver Paver
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Excavation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x Aluminum Alloy
1x Silicone
Unlock Cost 5,000 Bytes

The Paver is an item in Astroneer.


Output Input Module
Paver Aluminum Alloy
Small Printer


The Paver is similar to Drills, but instead of digging up soil it will pave a road of grey soil underneath the rover. Both a paver and a drill may be used together to drill and place pathways, removing the need for players to manually cover pits and long drops. Pressing the context keys (C/V or left bumper on controller by default) will toggle the paver on and off, depending on which side of the rover it is placed. The Medium Fluid & Soil Canister is very useful alongside the paver, as the paver will consume the entirety of a Small Canister very quickly.

You can also attach the Paver to the Crane. It will allow you to build with gray colored terrain using soil from canisters.

The Paver draws 1U/s while in use.