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The Project CHEER Delivery LTE was an LTE in Astroneer. It was added with the Holiday Update 002, and was accessible through the EXO Request Platform. It started on December 7, 2020 and ran until January 2021.

Mission Contribution and Goals[edit | edit source]

Players contribute to the Project CHEER Delivery Mission by collecting the special mission items found on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio. These items are scattered around the surface and underground caverns on these planets. They are also able to be crafted at a Small Printer, utilizing scrap and other resources.

Once found, players must package the items using the Packager, which allows them to be placed on the EXO Request Platform rocket. Each package is colored differently, based on the number of Recovery Points yielded.

Item Package Color Recovery Points Recipe
Automaton 001 Bronze 20 Scrap x1
Automaton 002 Bronze 20 Scrap x1
Cubic Object Silver 30 Scrapx1
Carbon x1
Stellar Object Gold 50 Scrap x1
Glass x1
Cosmic Bauble N/A 75 Scrap x1
Astronium x1
Astral Figurine Diamond 100 N/A

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players obtain various rewards when they reach certain point goals.

Reward Points To Unlock
Tinsel Town Palette 1,500 Recovery Points
Festive Chapbow Hat 3,500 Recovery Points
Baublehead Visor 6,500 Recovery Points

Between every goal is also packages of items that will aid the player in their gift recovery operations. After reaching the final goal, an additional care package can be earned for another 2,000 Recovery Points. Further care packages are earned for 2,000 Recovery Points each.

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