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Tier Small
Group Item
Type Power Generation

The QT-RTG is a power generation item in Astroneer that supplies a constant stream of power. It is a smaller version of the RTG that is able to fit into a player's backpack.


The QT-RTG may only be acquired from completing certain Missions (13 total) or found rarely on certain planets, either in EXO Dynamics Research Aids that require Astronium or specific wrecks.

In Creative Mode, QT-RTGs may be crafted using Nanocarbon Alloy.

QT-RTGs are also given as rewards in the EXO Request Platform.


QT-RTGs offer a constant stream of power at all times, and can be placed on platforms, the player's backpack, or on the ground.

  • Power Production Rate: 1 U/s
  • A Portable Oxygenator will run infinitely when paired with a QT-RTG, removing the need for the player to connect to Oxygen networks.
  • A QT-RTG can power any of the Rovers indefinitely, even underground. It is the only infinite power source for the Buggy due to the fact that an RTG will not fit on it.
  • A Medium Storage Silo full of QT-RTGs can create an incredibly dense power source that can easily power an Atmospheric Condenser, making gas collection much easier.
  • A Hoverboard may be paired with a QT-RTG to allow infinite movement.


  • The QT-RTG was first shown on the March 12, 2021 SES_Dev Twitch stream.