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Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Power Generation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x Nanocarbon Alloy
1x Lithium
Unlock Cost 12,500 Bytes

The RTG, or Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, is a power generation item in Astroneer that supplies a constant stream of power.


Output Input Module
RTG Nanocarbon Alloy
Small Printer


  • Power Production Rate: 4 U/s

RTGs can be placed on platforms to provide a steady stream of power at all times.

Shelters and Field Shelters have low-power RTGs built-in, which cannot be removed. They provide 1U/s and 0.5U/s, respectively.

The material requirements for producing an RTG are somewhat extreme and require visiting no less than two planets simply to acquire the necessary gasses for manufacturing the required metals.


  • If one purchases all materials for crafting exclusively from a Trade Platform and has already obtained all of the required gasses and processing machines beforehand with one Graphite and Hematite left over, the actual Scrap cost of a single RTG is only 12 Scrap, . However, the Scrap return from shredding an RTG in a Large or Extra Large Shredder is only 4 Scrap.
  • The RTG is based on a real life power generator that has been used in space exploration.