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Research Chamber Research Chamber
Research Chamber.png
Tier Large
Group Module
Type Research
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 2x Compound 1x Resin
Unlock Cost Unlocked

The Research Chamber is a Research Module used to convert Research Items, Research Samples, and some Resources into Bytes.


Output Input Module
Research Chamber Compound x2
Medium Printer


The Research Chamber is used to extract Bytes from Research Items, Research Samples, and Resources. To run the Research Chamber, the player must put the item they want to research into the slot on the chamber and activate the chamber with the control panel.

The time it takes for the item to be researched depends on the item itself, with higher byte-value items typically taking more time than lower value items. 2 Units of Power is required to run the chamber at full speed, and will still function at lower power amounts but at a reduced speed, resulting in less bytes per minute and a longer processing time.

  • Power Consumption Rate: 2 U/s


  • It is possible to automate infinite byte generation by using an Auto Arm to pick up Research Samples from rocks and plants that will respawn (approx. every 30 minutes) and place them in a Research Chamber. Placing these on harder planets, such as Glacio or Atrox, will provide the most amount of automated bytes. Players may want to power the setup with either wind or RTG, depending on the planet.


  • A Research Sample processed by a research chamber will yield several times the manual research value.