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Research Sample Research Sample
Icon Research Sample.png
Tier Small
Group Research
Type Unknown

Research Samples are renewable consumables in Astroneer which grow on some plants and rocks, found on backpacks of dead explorers and around wreckages. Upon use, the player receives a random amount of bytes, which varies between sample types and location found. Samples can be researched in a Research Chamber, giving more bytes, but at the cost of taking up a slot for a Research Item. After being harvested, the Research Sample will respawn over time. Plants and rocks have between 1 to 5 slots, with each slot having its own respawn timer. Research Samples will not respawn if the plant or rock is dug up. However, the plant or rock may have a research item underneath which can be accessed by carefully digging around to avoid digging up the plant or rock.

Research Samples found on deeper cave levels or on higher difficulty planets will yield more bytes. Research Samples found in Glacio or Atrox caves typically yield 300-400 bytes. This increases to over 800 bytes near the core of Glacio and up to 1100 near the core of Atrox.

Types of Samples[]

  • Organic: Found on plants scattered across the planets.
  • Mineral: Found on rock formations on surfaces and in caves of planets.
  • Technology: A rare sample that is found around Wrecks or in EXO Dynamics Research Aids. Gives significantly more bytes than organic or mineral samples.
  • Unknown: Dropped by hostile flora once they are uprooted.