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Seeds are items that drop occasionally when digging up defensive flora. When planted, they grow into the flora of that seed type. Digging up the plants gives the same Research Samples, Research Items and seeds that naturally-occurring flora gives.

"Mutant Seeds" were added in the Summer Update of 2019 and are harmless versions of offensive flora. These flora can be planted, but cannot be used as Research Items due to their mutation.

Types of Seeds[edit | edit source]

There are two kinds of seeds, defensive flora seeds and mutant offensive flora seeds. The Mutant seeds mutate the offensive flora to just be decorative, removing the plants' ability to harm the player.

Defensive Flora Seeds:

Mutant Offensive Flora Seeds:

Other Seeds:

Uses[edit | edit source]

To use a Seed the player must place them on the ground then hold the Use key (default F on PC/Xbox One - Y Button on XBox/PS4 - Triangle on PS4) to activate the seed, allowing it to grow after a short time. The player then may dig up the plant, with a chance to receive more seeds.